PP2 Comp Results 28.05.2016

The first PP2 Competition was held on the 28th of May, in good weather and a good turn out of over 20 shooters.

The competition was an adaption of the old police pistol comp…in the days we had pistols!

There were four separate categories, Semi-auto .22 rifles, Bolt Action rifles, Lever/Pump Rifles, Long Barrel Revolver/Pistols.

Special mention goes to young Chris Boyd, has not been shooting that long, and came second using a pump gun that was 3 times his age!

First 3 Places were:

Semi-auto .22 rifles

1st: Terry Hibben

2nd: Chris Birch

3rd: Steve Curtis

Bolt Action rifles

1st: Adam Davies

2nd: Steve Slevin

3rd: Alan Forster

Lever/Pump Rifles

1st: Steve Curtis

2nd: Chris Boyd (Jnr Member)

3rd: Brian Chillcott

Long Barrel Revolver/Pistols

1st: Steve Curtis

2nd: Adam Davis

3rd: Alan Edwards