2016 Empire & Colonial Results

The 2016 Empire & Colonial day was held on the 27th August.
As usual a fine turnout was had, with 18 shooters taking part.
A varied course of fire with numerous firearms.
Some good shooting was done with a few very old firearms, includind a muzzle loaders.

Results Below

1st   Steve Curtis    197
2nd  Alan Forster    186
3rd  Steve Slevin    185
4th  Dave Vivash    178
5th  Jon Angel        161
6th  Mark Twittey   160
7th  Chris Andrews 158
8th  Peter Foster    148
9th  Brian Chillcott  146
10th Alan Edwards  131
11th  Chris Birch    125
12th  Dave Arnold  118
13th  John Gatenby 118
14th  Mark Mead   116
15th  Esther Forster  105
16th  Christian Meheux  98
17th Robert Meheux  90
18th Rob Manfield    90