2017 Service Rifle Competition

The 2017 Service Rifle Competition was held at Millpool on the 16th od December.

There were 13 shooters, in the beautiful sunshine, a gentle breeze but chilly.

The course of fire was:

Stage 1. 500 yds, Prone, unlimited rounds at a Fig11 target, 4mins.

Stage 2. 200 yds, Standings & Kneeling slings only, Fig11, One round standing, one round kneeling per exposure, 5 exposures of 10 seconds each.

Stage 3. 200 yds, Prone, slings, no rests, Fig14, One round per exposure of 5 seconds, 10 exposures.

Stage 4. 200 yds, Prone, slings, no rests, Fig14, Ten rounds, 3 mins.

Stage 5, 200 yds, Mad Minute, In The Trench, Slings, no rests, Fig14, Unlimited rounds, 1 min.

Stage 6, Bayonet Charge, cancelled due to the old age of competitors!


A great course of fire by Christian & Robert Meheux.

Quite tricky COF, as the only pointed shots for the whole comp was the first 5 at 500 yds, then you were on your own.

You had a maximum of 80 rounds only, so you had to plan how you were going to shoot the stages, and not run out of rounds.

1st Place, Steve Curtis 105 points

2nd Place, Mark Twittey 95 Points

3rd Place, Brian Chillcott 85 Points