Club Events

Start times: Millpool at 08:15 prompt, please.   Parracombe at 10:30 for members, 12:00 for guests.
Check here for any updates.

The Calendar below is for Tamar Rangers bookings only, NOT when we are guests of other clubs.
Those days are in the “Upcoming Events” on each page. 


Sun 8th January Millpool
Sat 14th January Parracombe
Sun 5th February Millpool
Sat 11th February Parracombe
Sat 11th March Parracombe
Sat 18th March Millpool
Sat 8th April Parracombe
Wed 19th April Parracombe
Sat 13th May Parracombe
Wed 31st May Parracombe
Sat 20th May  Millpool
Sat 10th June Parracombe – Club Smallbore Competition
Wed 21st June Parracombe
Sat 8th July Parracombe
Wed 12th July Parracombe
Sat 15th July Millpool – Long Range Day
Sat 12th August Parracombe
Wed 16th August Parracombe
Sat 19th August Millpool – Full Bore Competition
Mon 28th August Parracombe
Sat 9th September Parracombe
Wed  20th September  Parracombe
Sat 14th October Parracombe- Colonial and Empire Shoot
Wed 25th October Parracombe
Sat 21st October Millpool – Iron Sights Competition
Sat 11th November Parracombe
Wed 22nd November Parracombe
Sun 3rd December Millpool
Sat 9th December Parracombe – Christmas Shoot
Sat 16th December Millpool – Service Rifle Competition