Welcome to Tamar Rangers Rifle Club

Tamar Rangers is a shooting club which supports all legal uses of firearms by private citizens.

We are keen to promote safe and skilful use of firearms by all permitted sections of the community within the legal framework of the jurisdictions they are being used. We unreservedly condemn all illegal firearms use and do not condone any acts of violence utilising firearms.

IMAG0746We meet normally twice a month, but sometimes more often shoot everything from rimfire to centrefire. We have several formal competitions each year – Small Bore and Full Bore. We enjoy our shooting, take pleasure in each others’ company and making holes in paper targets. The club strives to host events that accommodate all diciplines of lawful shooting.IMAG0755rs

The club shoots at two ranges – Millpool on Bodmin Moor and Parracombe on Exmoor. At Parracombe, we tend to shoot small bore, test loads and zero rifles; although we also fire black-powder firearms. At Millpool we fire at longer ranges – from 200yds up to 600yds.

Tamar Rangers have numerous NRA Range Conducting Officers and several NRA Certified Club Instructors. Safety is our top priority.

Those members with decades of shooting experience are always on hand to share their knowledge with those who have joined the sport more recently.