Legal Information:

Tamar Rangers range days are only available to members of the club or guests as approved by the club secretary.

Guests may include existing FAC holder or member of another club.IMAG0760rs

Note: If you are prohibited under Section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act from handling firearms, you cannot come along to a range day.


Both ranges used by Tamar Rangers are ‘outside’ with little or no cover so good clothes and footwear are essential. Plan as if you are going for a walk on the moors as we have been known to have every type of weather in one day!

Tamar lease both of their primary shooting venues and thus have no control over accessibility provision for differentially abled persons. But we affirm that there exists no bar to club membership and do not discriminate against any legal shooter who maintains our high levels of safety.

You will need to bring ear protection and eye protection is also recommended and a sense of humour is mandatory!

A full explanation of safety and how the day proceeds will be explained upon arrival and you will be in the care and supervision of a qualified club instructor or an experienced member throughout the day. Tamar Rangers operates a structured training program based around safety, competence and confidence.

There are a selection of club rifles and ammunition available for you by members. If members wish to borrow a rifle, please let us know in advance. Note: You can purchase ammunition to use during the day, but you cannot take it away with you unless your FAC is conditioned for that particular cartridge and you present FAC so that the transaction is recorded officially.

Finally, owing to the remote nature of the ranges you will need to bring your own packed lunches, snacks, coffee and drinks etc.