New Members

If you wish to become a member of Tamar Rangers, there are two ways this may happen.

*** Tamar Rangers waiting list is long – those joining that list in 2021 will be contacted no earlier than 2023 ***

Consider alternate club options:

Method 1. You are already a member of a recognised Shooting club with a Firearms Certificate, or a holder of a Firearms Certificate.

Method 2. As a novice or complete beginner.

If you are already a member of a club or a holder of a Firearms Certificate, the Tamar Rangers committee will assess your experience also reasons for wanting to join Tamar Rangers.

If you are acceptable to the committee, you would be required to attend a range day by agreement and be formally vetted and your shooting and safety observed.

If approved, then your will be accepted as a member.

If you are a novice or complete beginner, you will be required to submit your:


This is for the Devon & Cornwall Police to do a “Suitable Person” check, this is a Home Office requirement.

On approval you will be required to attend a Safety Training and Assessment Day where you will undergo instruction on the safe handling and firing of firearms and to be assessed by one or more of Tamar Rangers Instructors. These days are held between 3-6 days per year depending on availability and weather.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have to wait up to 12 weeks for an available date.

If successful with agreement between the Instructor and yourself, and you wish to continue to join Tamar Rangers you would become a Probationer Member.

You will be required to do 6 visits on Tamar Ranger Range days.

These will be logged and upon completion of them, you would become a Full Member of Tamar Rangers on receipt of membership fee.

This will allow you to inform Devon & Cornwall Police of your full membership status and apply for a Firearms Certificate with Tamar being your “Home” club.

Please read the Information page before attending.

You must arrive at the range between 1000 – 1100 for a range safety briefing.

Fees as of 01.12.2017: 

Attendance of your first Safety Training/Assessment day:      £25.00

Probationer Range Fee Day for Parracombe:                         £10.00

Probationer Range Fee Day for Millpool:                                £25.00

Probationer Club Rifle Hire:                                                     £5.00

Ammunition:                                                                            Fee dependent of type

Yearly Membership of Tamar Rangers:                                   £65.00

Joining Fee:                                                                             £25.00