2016 Historic Iron Sight Competition Results

This Prestigious annual event was held on Sunday the 2nd of November at Millpool Range.
The weather was warm, sunny with light winds.
A total of 12 competitors shot the competition.
A challenging course of fire written by Brian Chillcott, 7 stages over 2 distances.
There were as always some “operator” problems with their rifles, me being one on them!
But on the whole a well ran day by all.
Andy V even managed not to fall in the trench!

Full Results On Link Below

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Final Results were:

1st     Mark Twittey          469
2nd   Terry Hibben          457
3rd    Steve Curtis           423
4th    Andy Valentine       343
5th    Brian Chillcott         337
6th    Steve Slevin           331
7th    Len Emmins           302
8th    Christian Meheux   278
9th    Tim Read               260
10th  Alan Forster            225
11th  Gary Bryant           171
12th  Rob Meheux         165

3 4 10 9 7 61 8